James Franco becomes Tommy Wiseau

James Franco

James Franco portrays infamous filmmaker Tommy Wiseau in the first teaser commercial for The Disaster Artist.

The graze released Tuesday, features James repeatedly attempting to recall his lines even though filming cult-unchanging film The Room, a portray that is widely regarded as the worst film ever made.

Helping James when his lines is Dave Franco, who portrays Room star Greg Sestero whose memoir The Disaster Artist, serves as the inspiration for the film. Seth Rogen is as well as seen as Room script bureaucrat Sandy Schklair.

Once James remembers his lines, Dave and Rogen are seen celebrating along back the in flames of the film crew as his bizarre portrayal is seemingly welcomed.

“Based upon the definite accomplish of one movie thus bad it became infamous,” the teaser comments.

The Disaster Artist directed by James, in addition to stars Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas. The film is set for broad reprieve upon Dec. 8.