Journalist Marietta Steinhart

Journalist Marietta Steinhart


Have you ever wondered what it’s like reporting on the film industry in Hollywood? “It’s an outright compelling job,” says Marietta Steinhart, an experienced film journalist. “But make no mistake about it, the hustle is real. It’s a lot of hard work. On the surface it’s all glitz and glamor, but like anything else it takes true dedication and involves a lot of hours brooding over a computer and sitting in dark movie theaters,” says the Austrian film critic with a smile.

We bumped into Marietta Steinhart the other day – an open, engaging and keen lover of movies – at Insomnia, a small café and favorite hangout for local scribes, not far from the Hollywood strip. She’s the Austrian film journalist who covers all things movies in LA for the Austria Press Agency, a national newswire; Zeit Online which accompanies prestigious German newspaper Die Zeit; and ray Filmmagazin, a super-smart, decidedly exclusive, independent film magazine, published in Vienna. But what’s that like? “Like everyone else, we have a job to do. The difference, of course, comes when you do something that you truly love. I think that applies to anything you have a passion for – whatever it is you do, if you have a real passion for it, your work never feels like ‘a job’.”

Indeed, if your vision of being a freelance film journalist means dressing in designer duds, sipping exotic cocktails at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel and talking to movie stars all day, Steinhart is the woman who will burst your bubble. “Of course glamor is part and parcel of this world, especially in Hollywood. That’s what you see when you read an article or watch a story on TV… But writing those articles involves doing research, watching material, juggling deadlines, managing different parties with their own agenda in a marketing-focused culture – and a lot of alone time in front of your laptop”, she says.

When Steinhart hangs out at places like the Polo Lounge, there’s nothing casual about it. Much like the celebrities who are there to promote their latest film or television project – “that’s why they call it the movie business,” she says – Steinhart has a job to do. Even if that job means interviewing the likes of Judd Apatow, Anthony Hopkins, Amy Schumer, or any one of scores more film professionals that have shared their stories with the journalist from Vienna. Teams of professional publicists are pulling the strings behind the scenes. Not only are journalists like her carefully vetted before ever putting a recorder or a camera in front of an interview subject. They also place firm limits on the amount of time allotted for most encounters.

When people talk about film journalists, many times they forget an important part of that title: journalist, and they don’t really address that word when they are conjuring up glamorous images of what a person in that position really does for a living. Marietta Steinhart has turned in countless of reports, film reviews and interviews over the years and has covered the Oscars along with top film festivals. “Your job is to riddle, interpret and … unravel”, she says. “And try to tell insightful stories.”



Platoon stars Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen and Kevin Dillon reunited

Platoon stars Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen and Kevin Dillon reunited considering more the weekend.

Depp, 54, Sheen, 51, and Dillon, 51, came together at Depp’s quarters Sunday in front-thinking than 30 years after the Oliver Stone movie opened in theaters in December 1986.

“#platoon 30 year #reunion last night at #johnnydepp house #goodtimes @charliesheen,” Dillon captioned a photo upon Instagram of himself following Depp and Sheen.

Platoon starred Sheen as Private First Class Chris Taylor, once Depp as Lerner and Dillon as Bunny. The the length of-war film was set during the Vietnam War, and co-starred Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe and John C. McGinley.

“I think a big excuse we’as regards all yet partners is because we all had such an exceptional experience shooting that movie,” Dillon told the Daily Mail in December.

“It was just such an amazing experience,” he added. “I yet see benefit uphill upon it as such a satisfying epoch in my cartoon. I was youngster and I loved it.”

Platoon won four Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director for Stone. Stone stated in an interview considering Entertainment Weekly in 2011 that he hired Sheen after as soon as Depp, Keanu Reeves and Kyle MacLachlan for Taylor.

“Charlie was a dumb-struck 17-year-old the first grow pass he came in for the film, relief with we were going to create it ’84. And in those two years, he’d grown and seemed perfectly broad-eyed and had a carelessly lucky vibes,” the director recalled.

“I think he did a to your liking job,” he appendage. “He was unadulterated for the movie. He conveys the horror of the place. I taking into consideration his go to come.”

Depp, Sheen and Dillon have previously starred in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Two and a Half Men and Entourage, respectively.

Silvio Defant

                                                     SILVIO DEFANT


Why live in a little village in Northern Italy when you can come to Hollywood and become a working professional actor? That is a rhetorical question, of course, but probably thousands of people in small towns all over the world ask themselves similar questions, that is, why live in such places when you could come to the film capital of the world and have your dreams come true? The problem is that they never make it out of their hometowns and get to Southern California.

Silvio Defant, however, is one of those people who actually made it out of his small town and is a bona fide working actor in the heart of the film industry, Hollywood. He has been acting since he was in elementary school but he considers his role as Bacchae, in Euripides’ Pentheus to be his first real role. He was in high school when he did that one and a friend of his directed the very well-received production. Besides getting rave reviews in the local newspaper, the whole wonderful experience opened Silvio’s eyes to a new world of acting that he very much wanted to be a part of.

Now, years later, Silvio has a resumé full of his acting accomplishments in TV, commercials, stage plays and motion pictures. His passion only grew from that high school play experience and he took it and ran with it and never let anything get in his way of succeeding in the entertainment business. Silvio earned a B.A, in Theatre Arts from the University of Minnesota and then, thanks to the National Student Exchange Program, he studied cinematography and film acting at the California State University at Northridge. That period in his life, being so close to Hollywood, gave him a real taste of what an actor’s life could really be.

Silvio has achieved international acclaim for his productions. His career began over a decade ago, where his work was noted in a non-profit film (Life as a Dance) for Kids in the Spotlight, Inc which won Best Ensemble at the KITS Award.  His other notable international achievements include the Film Every Bite, where at University of Minnesota Morris Film Festival it won best picture and Silvio won the best actor in 2014.  His achievements can be see not just on films but on international corporate levels as well.  His successful international campaign for “The Spot”  a new video platform offered by Facebook Live, only a few days after its release, as a new way to entertain the social media The Spot was showed in Movie Theatres, TV, Social Networks and Facebook´s web site. The commercial was aired all over the world with Silvio as the lead actor.

Getting out of any small town is easy if you have enough passion to do something bigger. Silvio says: “Be passionate. There is nothing more attractive to anyone in the industry than those who are doing what they love and who are believing in their creative drive. Not only your love for the art will make you a better performer, but it will make people want to work with you.”


James Franco becomes Tommy Wiseau

James Franco

James Franco portrays infamous filmmaker Tommy Wiseau in the first teaser commercial for The Disaster Artist.

The graze released Tuesday, features James repeatedly attempting to recall his lines even though filming cult-unchanging film The Room, a portray that is widely regarded as the worst film ever made.

Helping James when his lines is Dave Franco, who portrays Room star Greg Sestero whose memoir The Disaster Artist, serves as the inspiration for the film. Seth Rogen is as well as seen as Room script bureaucrat Sandy Schklair.

Once James remembers his lines, Dave and Rogen are seen celebrating along back the in flames of the film crew as his bizarre portrayal is seemingly welcomed.

“Based upon the definite accomplish of one movie thus bad it became infamous,” the teaser comments.

The Disaster Artist directed by James, in addition to stars Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas. The film is set for broad reprieve upon Dec. 8.

War for the Planet of the Apes

War for the Planet of the Apes

War for the Planet of the Apes is the No. 1 movie in North America
War for the Planet of the Apes is the No. 1 movie in North America this weekend after earning $56.5 million in receipts, announced Sunday.

Coming in at No. 2 is Spider-Man: Homecoming when $45.2 million, Despicable Me 3 at No. 3 behind $18.9 million, Baby Driver at No. 4 as soon as $8.8 million and The Big Sick at No. 5 once $7.6 million.

Rounding out the depth tier are Wonder Woman at No. 6 gone $6.9 million, Wish Upon at No. 7 considering $5.6 million, Cars 3 at No. 8 later than $3.2 million, Transformers: The Last Knight at No. 9 behind $2.8 million and The House at No. 10 in the midst of $1.8 million.

Emily Blunt for Mary Poppins Returns

Emily Blunt
Emily Blunt

Disney released a snippet of footage of Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins in the upcoming sequel, Mary Poppins Returns, at the D23 Expo in Anaheim.

Blunt and director Rob Marshall also dropped by to chat about the film, which is to open in December 2018. Saturday’s 21-second sneak peek shows Blunt in a long blue coat, and red hat and gloves, lifting her umbrella as the rain clears and sun comes out.

The sequel to the 1964 movie musical Mary Poppins will see the “practically perfect” nanny returning to visit her former charges the Banks children after a family tragedy. Its ensemble will also include Lin-Manuel Miranda, Meryl Streep, Angela Lansbury, Emily Mortimer, Colin Firth, Ben Whishaw, Julie Walters and Dick Van Dyke.

‘Cassette’ to hit US Screens


‘Cassette’ to hit US Screens

It’s quite extraordinary but ‘Cassette’- a low budget Indie movie filmed in the United Kingdom has been snapped up by American film directors. The feature flick produced by award winning director David Irons, is set for a worldwide audience after it caught attention at the Cannes film Festival. It’s “a coming of age/surrealist teen movie” that earned an official selection at Idyllwild film festival and the Vegas VIFF! Film Festival and ultimately went onto win the grand prize at the festivals “No Budget Filmmaking” category.”Cassette” was picked up for distribution at the Cannes Film Festival and after screening in New York City and has now been snapped up by Netflix. It’s an amazing achievement being a film with a significantly small budget which could have made it impossible to get American distribution.


Ellie Patrikios is one of the lead actresses in the film and we caught up with her to tell us more about this exciting film.

Q: Tell us what the film is about?

A: It’s a film based around the fierce subject of ‘identity crisis’. You follow Robyn, who changes her clothes, friends and attitude which is destroying her life, transforming herself into her idol Phoenix. In her new guise, we follow Robyn on a journey of disillusion as her identity unravels and unwinds around her to create a complete meltdown of everything she has created.

Q: What character do you play in the film?

A: Head bobbing, rocker-chic, Jennifer. Part of a bad influence girl gang that Robyn joins. Jennifer is the kinder one out of the girls in the gang and genuinely cares for Robyn.

Q: How did you relate to your character?

A: I knew a girl like Jennifer during high school. Using them as my“Jenniferspiration” I was able to unravel more traits and characteristics of what initially was shown to be a hard core rocker girl. Then find the innocence, indulgence from influence, and this genuine kind compassion. It was a great tool of understanding my “Jenniferspiration” and an opportunity for a clean reflection back in time!

Q: Where was it filmed?

A: it was filmed in a small town in the United Kingdom called Ware. In fact, they used Ware so cleverly to describe Robyn’s state of “No-Ware”.

Q: How did you feel about the awards and international acclaim the film has received?

A: it’s nothing short of amazing and well deserved. The entire filming process was a blast, working with the cast and crew taught me many things and opened doors for me.

I am very excited that after so many years and hard work on David’s part (director) the film would have achieved so much international recognition particularly at Cannes Film Festival, win so many awards, including the Indie Vegas Film, and have its own place on Netflix.